I was living in Glendale for three months with my hair looking like absolute rubbish. I couldn't find anywhere that did black hair (whether natural styles or otherwise). I took a chance on the review on this place as it was close to my apartment and it sounded positive. I was tentative but boy was I surprised at the result! He is a wiz with natural hair. I had it blown out and pressed. It was my first time with a pressing comb but Shahen is an expert! My hair was bouncy, full and alive! I waited to write this review to see if it would have suffered any ill effects from the pressing but my hair is not damaged at all, two months later. I saw one other person leaving who had processed hair (a relaxer) and hers also looked great! I would go to him again in an instant! He takes his time, I never felt rushed. He gave helpful tips on caring for your hair. He has been taking care of black hair for over 25yrs and it shows. You can trust Shahen with your hair, you won't regret it!

Renee A., Atlanta, GA