OK, those of you scouring the web for reviews about hair extensions, color specialist, or all things hair, your work is done.  I was in your same shoes couple months ago about my extensions and I can honestly tell you...Shahen Vardan is THE BEST.  I have had extensions before and, while I liked them, I was constantly paranoid that people could tell they were fake.  Plus, I'm pretty active and extensions usually just did not hold up to my lifestyle. Shahen's one of a kind technique the "IZO Weave" is like none other you have seen. Trust me I have tried them all and this method 1) does not damage your hair and 2) looks extremely natural.

Shahen put in my extensions in about 4 months ago and they still look beautiful!! He made the whole process so easy from the very 1st consultation. Shahen matched my fine multi-colored hair exactly (which I'm seriously in love with) ...Then he gave me excellent direction on how to properly care for my new locks. He addressed all my concerns and made me feel at ease with my "investment"

I believe Shahen might be the most talented stylist that has ever had worked on my extensions. The colors blend perfectly, the cut is amazing and my extensions look awesome! Thank you Mr. Vardan you are truly the GOD of weave I am convinced.

Yours Truly,

Lucy B XO, Burbank, CA